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About NeoCeram®

Neoceram® is commonly referred to as glass but it is actually a transparent ceramic. Neoceram is 3/16" or 5mm thick.

Ideal Solution for Woodstoves

Unlike true glass, NeoCeram® withstands continuous exposure to high temperatures without fear of destruction. It is also resistant to failure due to temperature variation. It is the ideal solution for many wood stoves and fireplaces where glass panels are less than 6 inches from the flames. You can get more fireplace and woodstove information at

Strength and Durability

NeoCeram® can take the heat. Continuous temperatures up to 1292° F (700° C) and short term temperatures up to 1472° F (800° C) can be withstood because this ceramic has an extremely low thermal coefficient of expansion. It doesn't run or swell at high temperatures the way normal glass does.

NeoCeram® can handle change. You wouldn't dare put snow or water on hot glass for fear that it would shatter or crack. Unlike glass, NeoCeram® can handle it.

  • Available in 3/16 inch thickness (5 mm)
  • Transparent-amber tint

Is Neoceram or Pyroceram available in other tints?

Cutting Tempered Glass

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